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Report events in green and public spaces, housing and municipal facilities requiring intervention from the Lisboa City Council or the Parish Councils in the website “ In My Street”.

What can be reported?

Environment and green spaces

   • Chop down, planting, replacement, tree pruning

   • Damage by falling trees

   • Damage / maintenance of fences, and other structures

   • Damage / maintenance of grass or turf

   • Cleaning green spaces (papers, packages, etc.)

   • Complaints about noise

   • Collect branches from pruning of private gardens 

   • Irrigation system repair

Municipal housing and equipment maintenance

   • Missing or damaged goals, tables and nets

   • Complaints about noise and safety

   • Unblocking sewage network

   • Build or tear down walls

   • Missing or damaged fences and gates

   • Damaged public lighting

   • Electrical Installation

   • Roof / gutters / chimneys cleaning

   • Damaged, dirty or missing floor

   • Repairing of ruptures and leaks, roofs, floors, walls, ceilings, elevators

Hygiene and urban cleaning

   • Report plagues and diseases (associated with animals: pigeons, rats, etc.)

   • Drains clogging

   • Public road cleaning (dusting, washing)

   • Green spaces cleaning (papers, packages, among others)

   • Cleaning graffities

   • Maintenance of toilets and shower rooms

   • Maintenance / repair tables, benches, public drinking fountains, gutters and other damaged street furniture

   • Request containers, bags and ribbons for urban waste

   • Request / maintenance of waste bins, ecopoints, glass containers and Ecobatteries

   • Collection of dead and abandoned animals

   • Collection of large, green and hazardous waste

Public lighting

   • Malfunction (off, flashing, etc.)

   • Neighbourhood / street with no light

   • Lamps, flashlights and projectors in risk of falling

   • Monument / fountain / lake with failures in lighting 

   • Other anomalies with lamps



   • Access for people with reduced mobility

   • Malfunction or damage in street lights

   • Holes in the road and crosswalks

   • Damaged bike lanes

   • Damaged traffic signs

   • Damaged rails and gates

   • Street marks erased (eg. crosswalk)

   • Repaving of roads



   • Parking (parks, costs, etc.)

   • Forbidden parking

   • Pillars

   • Abandoned cars


Street signals

   • Malfunction or damage in street lights

   • Damaged traffic signs

   • Road bumps

   • Street marks erased (eg. crosswalk)

   • Bus stops 

   • Damaged tourist or info signs

Underground or public road rehabilitation work

   • Damaged collector / sewer extension

   • Missing sewer grid

   • Damaged wall

   • Damaged gutter 

   • Missing / damaged / uneven sewer lid

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