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Report events in green and public spaces, housing and municipal facilities requiring intervention from the Lisboa City Council or the Parish Councils in the website “ In My Street”.

What can be reported?

Environment and green spaces

• Damage / maintenance of grove, grass and green spaces cleaning

• Damage / maintenance of drinking fountain, fountain or lake

• Damage / maintenance of fences and other structures

• Damage / maintenance of urban vegetable gardens

• Damage / maintenance of tables, benches or other street furniture

• Damage / maintenance of playgrounds


Municipal Equipment (Education / Culture / Social / Sport)

• Damage / Maintenance in Elementary Schools and / or Kindergartens
• Damage / Maintenance in Libraries and other cultural buildings
• Damage / Maintenance in Daycare Centers and other social equipment
• Damage / Maintenance in Pools and Sport Pavilions / Venues

Roads and Road Signs

• Malfunction in traffic lights or other light signals
• Hole in the roadway
• Removal of stone cubes in the road lane
• Damage / maintenance of flexible retroreflective beacons on the road
• Damage / maintenance of bumps or rumble strips
• Damage / maintenance of separators and lane guards
• Damage / maintenance of traffic signs and other vertical signs
• New zebra crossings or other horizontal signs
• New traffic signs and other vertical signs
• Repainting of zebra crossings or other horizontal signs

Municipal housing

• Covering abandoned buildings
• Infiltrations
• Repair / Replacement of door locks and mailboxes
• Repair of electrical installation in common services área
• Rupture / unblocking of sewer and water drainage

Hygiene and urban cleaning

• Damage / Maintenance of roofs, facades, shafts, floors, walls and ceilings
• Public road cleaning (sweeping, washing and dumping paper waste)
• Manual cleaning of gutters or sinks
• Canine waste cleaning
• Cutting herbs on sidewalks
• Reporting of pests and diseases (associated with animals: pigeons, rats, etc.)
• Cleaning of graffiti
• Damaged waste containers
• Waste around ecopoints and glass recycling bins
• Damaged waste containers
• Large waste, bulky items, garden waste or hazardous waste left on the street
• Deforestation on properties or land

Street lighting

• Street in the dark
• Insufficient light in the street
• Lamp off
• Damaged lamp (fallen, broken, electric cables in sight, lack of hatch, etc.)
• Monument - lighting maintenance
• Other situations

Sidewalks and Accessibilities

• Access for citizens with reduced mobility
• Damaged gutter on sidewalks
• Concessionaires - Damages and construction works
• Damage / maintenance of handrails, guards or railings
• Damage / maintenance of tables, benches or other street furniture
• Damage / maintenance of bollards
• Artistic pavement removal
• Sidewalk pavement removal
• Damaged or missing kerbstones
• Damaged landmarks and fire hydrants


• Damaged or missing drain
• Sewer collector / extension blocked, flooding in public space or sewer
• Damaged gutter
• Damaged, swinging or uneven sewer cover

Public Safety and Noise

• Potentially dangerous animals
• Building, wall, cliff or slope in poor conditions
• Abusive parking
• Control of shops – Opening hours and noise
• Surveillance of street vending
• Illegal construction works – buildings, public road and noise
• Illegal occupation of building
• Illegal occupation of public roads – terraces and advertising
• Homeless people
• Abandoned vehicles

You can also report events through the telephones +351 808 20 32 32 | +351 218 17 05 52 (from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday), in person at one of the municipal service shops or at the related Parish Council.

Now it's easier to participate in the management of your city!