Shops With Tradition

Shopping in Lisbon can be a pleasant experience and special event when you go to stores with history, lifetime stores, some of which are installed in buildings of the Pombaline era (18th century) and earlier periods.

Over many generations some customs became part of being Portuguese, for example, the memories associated with the unmistakable aroma of freshly ground coffee, sold as blends of the house or blends made at the time of purchase, the customer's choice.

Also the sight of shelves of wines, spirits, liqueurs, and other related items of Portuguese brand are a constant in the paths of shopping in Lisboa.

Apart from these you can also find shops with handmade reproductions of antique toys of wood and tin, a doll hospital, the last shop in Portugal exclusively dedicated to gloves, predominantly manufactured, with their own design and, food shops selling Portuguese brands with reproduction of original packaging, among many other items.