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Second-Hand Booksellers

The second-hand booksellers' guild is one of the oldest in Lisboa and with a huge influence until the nineteenth century,
Most of the second-hand bookstellers and booksellers are in the vicinity of the parish of St. Catherine, the name of the patron saint of these professionals (Chiado, Sacramento, Rua do Alecrim, Largo da Trindade and Calhariz).
In the antiquarian bookseller, most of the times a lover and a connoisseur of what he is selling, we can find from old books and out of circulation ones to rare books (books autographed by the authors or with a dedication, etc..) or first editions, all this is an  invitation to costumers to be burning with curiosity.
Among new and used books arise other antiques such as prints, maps, posters, postcards, letters, manuscripts, photographs etc ... for sale or to be auctioned.