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Tea Rooms

The first written record of the use of tea - a word that comes from the Mandarin Chinese word cha  - dates back to the 3rd century BC in China, the country that revealed this beverage to the rest of the world.  
Its introduction in Europe in the sixteenth century, appears confined to aristocratic circles, given its high price and exoticism at the time.
Some consider the Portuguese queen, Catherine of Bragança married to Charles II of England, responsible for the popularity of tea consumption in English lifestyle.
This ancient beverage made from an infusion  of leaves, flowers or roots of the plant called Camellia sinensis, seems to have been used ever since, for medicinal purposes and in a context of social interaction.
Today tea is produced by more than 25 countries and, since 1750, in Portugal in the Azores archipelago.
Invite someone for a cup of tea, a ritual still resorted to when one wants to have a  little chat.
Discover the world of tea in Lisbon, served hot or cold and its different aromatic versions and combinations.

Curiosity: the tea bag was invented in the early twentieth century by a New Yorker Merchant. America was also the birthplace of iced tea.