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Ginjinha (Morello cherry liqueur)

The Morello cherry (sour cherry), small round red dark fruit and bittersweet, is native to Asia and already common in Portugal in the fifteenth and sixteeenth centuries.
The cherry brandy or ginjinha, aromatic and with a balanced alcohol level, began as a drink of the bourgeoisie because of its high price.
It gradually began to appear in taverns becoming one of the most popular drinks in Portugal and the typical beverage of Lisboa.
Usually you drink the ginjinha at the counter ordering "with them" or "without them" (with or without a piece of fruit on the bottom of the glass).
Before serving, the bottle must be strongly shaken and the liqueur should be drunk up at room temperature.
Let´s have a ginjinha?

1 kg sugar
1 kg sour cherries (Morello cherries)
2,5 l brandy
1 cinnamon stick

Wash and dry well the cherries, remove the stems (but not the pits). Pack the cherries into a wide mouth jar, add the sugar and the cinnamon stick. Pour in enough brandy to cover the cherries and cap the jar tightly.
Store the concoction in a dark place, shaking every day for the first week, then leaving it sit for three months until the flavours are fully incorporated into the alcohol. Now the ginjinha is ready to drink, but it will be much better if you wait one year.
Serve with some sour cherries in each glass.