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Lisbon Micro-Entrepreneurship

If you have an entrepreneur profile and want to make a difference by building your own business in Lisboa, develop your idea and present your project to the Lisboa Empreende team.

This program was released by the Lisboa City Council in February 2013 with the goal to boost the city's economy by supporting those interested in investing in Lisboa and encouraging the creation of their own business.

The Lisboa Empreende team will provide personalized technical support with an economic-financial vision of the business, providing a prior analysis of the business plan and access to funding instruments.

The service provided by Lisboa Empreende is free of charge.


It is an easy process. Just three steps:

1. Have a business project

2. Sign up  online

3. Get specialized technical support


Opens internal link in current windowSEE HERE how to sign up and how the Lisboa Empreende program works.


- Best Public Administration for Startups from Startup Europe Awards 2016 (Municipalities category) - competition known as the Eurovision for Startups, an initiative promoted by the European Commission and Startup Europe, supported by the Committee of the Regions and members of the European Parliament, organized by Finnova, with the goal to value entrepreneurship initiatives and good business practices and policies at European level.

Grand Jury Prize of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2015 (first prize in all categories in competition) - awarded by the European Commission, considered as "successful, inspiring and innovative".