The Potential of Shared Services Centres

Lisboa increasingly serves as a pole of attraction for so-called Shared Service Centres (SSC), that permit global companies to position a set of transversal functions (e.g. financial / accounting services, customer service and management, human resources and training, maintenance of operations / services, amongst others) in remote locations.

This function represents a strong potential in terms of opportunities for Lisboa, due to the high number of interactions that it generates with other functions and services of companies distributed across the world, that increasingly incorporate more high value-added services which generate skilled jobs in the territory where they settle.

The installation in Lisboa of Shared Services Centres of different kinds, by companies such as Fujitsu (located in the Colombo Tower - one of its three Shared Services Centres in the World, integrated within an international project called Follow the Sun, which explores the different time zones of centres located in three different continents), Axa France (which has located its European training centre in Lisboa) and also the cases of Barclays Bank and BNP Paribas, are other clear signs of Lisboa’s potential in this field.