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Porta Atlântica da Europa

Europe's Atlantic Gateway

A capital city with several ports within its area of influence, Lisboa has long been considered a trading platform between different continents.

Motor Económico e Financeiro

Economic and Financial Engine

The region of Lisboa generates 40% of Portugal’s GDP and houses a large number of companies and technological research centres.

Cidade parceira no investimento

Partner City in Investment

Lisboa’s geo-strategic position in the global economy has attracted investment from emerging economies, complemented by examples such as...

Recursos qualificados e competitivos

Qualified and Competitive Human Resources

Qualified, flexible, creative, multilingual and highly competitive human recourses.

Cidade cosmopolita e de prestigio internacional

Cosmopolitan City of International Prestige

Relationships with other peoples and cultures forms part of the Portuguese genes. In the wake of the Discoveries, Portugal not only opened up new continents, but also new mentalities.

Grande Potencial Imobiliário

Major Real-Estate Potential

Lisboa currently has a highly diversified, qualified and competitive range of office spaces and buildings. In order to continue to stimulate this activity...

Uma das Cidades Mais Seguras da Europa

One of Europe's Safest Cities

Eurostat considers that Lisboa is the safest capital in Europe – 2010 report. According to the Global Peace Index of 2010Portugal was considered to be the 13th safest country in the world.

Cidade sustentável

Sustainable City

Lisboa assumes the challenge of developing consistent environmental sustainability policies in all aspects: changing the paradigm of mobility...

Cidade criativa e empreendedora

Creative and Entrepreneurial City

A creative and competitive city in the global context, Lisboa affirms itself in terms of its economic sustainability - attracting investment and creating employment...

Elevada qualidade de vida

High Quality of Life

Lisboa has a series of enviable assets, such as social stability, a fine gastronomy and gentle climate, typical neighbourhoods and the monumental riverfront zone.