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Blue Economy (Sea and River)

The sea is one of the Portuguese economy’s main assets. Based on data for 2006, it is estimated that the maritime economy in Portugal represents 4% of GVA, 3.6% of employment and 4.2% of GDP.

Lisboa has a long history of links to the sea and the River Tagus and is united with both, thereby forming a unique and inseparable identity.

In this context, we intend to stimulate projects to make the city a unifying pole of the maritime economy, based on dynamic partnerships. The goals are to strengthen the city’s maritime identity and specialisation of its economy, support the creation and installation of maritime companies, make the city a key cultural and tourism destination and a pole of excellence for maritime research and educational activities, technological development and innovation.


Lisboa aims to affirm a sustained maritime project, that will contribute to scaling the city economically and which seeks to take advantage of the sector’s transversal nature, increasing synergies with the overall economic activity of the city / region and, taking advantage of the city’s unique qualities, thus differentiating Lisboa from other cities, regions and countries.