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Strategic areas

Strategic Areas

The starting point to address the strategic areas for the economy of the city, is to identify those priority areas, through indicators and recognition of major entities, stakeholders and events. The goal is to get strategic partners taking part in the development, validation and discussion of programs and initiatives for each area.

The Lisboa City Council intends the strategic areas of the city to consolidate and renew in a continuous way, ensuring the broadcast of knowledge and "know-how".

The cosmopolitan and multicultural environment of Lisboa, its responsiveness towards technological innovation and information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their competitive and highly qualified labour, are characteristics that lead to the development of a creative economy in the city, also boosting the trade and tourism businesses.


The river and proximity to the sea are factors that highlight a sea economy, an applied research and the attraction of nautical events and activities in the city. There is a great diversity of visitors and tourists from different backgrounds and socio-economic segments visiting Lisboa, attracted by its specific characteristics, and one area that has growing potential is the health tourism, not only due to its demographic trends, but because of the relevance of the health and well-being industry in Lisboa.

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