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The Lisboa City Hall, in its capacity as a contracting entity, is obliged to comply with the legal provisions enshrined in the Code of Public Contracts, which instituted the obligation of all procedures for the preparation of contracts identified therein to be developed by electronic means.


With the publication of Decree-Law no. 223/2009, of September 11th the extinction of the so called transitory regimen was determined regarding the use of paper support in the submission of proposals or applications. So, as of November 1st 2009 it is mandatory to use the contracts electronic platform for the development of all procedures pertaining to public contracts. 


The Public Tenders run in an  Electronic Platform adopted by the municipality of Lisboa - acinGov.

Thus, everyone can access the tender documents (Program, Tender Dossier and its annexes) through this site, as follows:

1. The access to the electronic platform is free and allows you to perform the search and download of the procedure parts (Procedure Program, Tender Dossier and its annexes).

2. To access the platform “AcinGov” you must access  http://www.acingov.pt, click on the tab “Join” and fill out the membership form.

3. Any doubts regarding the form must be answered by the Customer Service through e-mail:  apoio@acingov.pt or phone +351 707451451.

 4. After filling the application form, it must be submitted to the services of the Electronic Platform "acinGov". The validation of the application documents is made within 72 working hours, after receiving the documents.