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History of the Lisboa Disasters

Over its history, the City of Lisboa has been the stage of different and variegated situations of large scale emergencies, caused both by natural causes as well as by human action.

To know some of the past situations that the city has gone through, helps us become aware of the response that was given in each of such situations, thus improving our capacity of reaction both at individual and collective levels to future situations.

Thus, we provide some samples of articles that came out in the printed press of the times, gathered from the existing collections at the Municipal Periodicals Library [Hemeroteca], regarding some of the most significant situations that occurred.


1863 - Fire on the City Hall building

1889 - Explosion in Chiado

1907 - The fire of Rua da Madalena

1909 - Earthquake

1914 - Explosion of the gas factory

1938 - Sinking of the steam vessel Tonecas

1941 - Cyclone

1943 - Plane crash of a commercial seaplane

1951 - Railway accident in the train station of Cais do Sodré

1964 - Fire in the Theatre Dona Maria II

1967 - Flods

1980 - Sinking of the British vessel Tollan

1988 - Fire in Chiado