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1941 - Cyclone

On February 15th 1941 Portugal was hit by a cyclone that left behind it a trail of destruction all over the country, besides the high number of casualties, injured and disappeared people.

The extension and seriousness of the damage even made this day become remembered as "the day of the cyclone".

According to information from the time, the cyclone was formed between Madeira and the Cape of S. Vicente and the wind reached Lisboa at a speed of 127 km/h. In the rest of the country the winds reached even higher figures, with the anemometer of the Hill of Pilar recording wind gusts of 167 km/h.


The damage that was caused was quite significant: roads were cut, thousands of trees were uprooted, houses had their roofs blown away, chimneys were brought down, families were displaced, the telegraph and telephone were interrupted, boats sank, etc., as can be confirmed in the news published in the daily newspaper O Século and which we make available here.