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1967 - Flods

In the dawn of the 25th to the 26th November of 1967 the whole region of Lisboa, including the surrounding municipalities on the banks of the Tagus, were the stage of heavy rain that caused floods and that resulted in more than 300 casualties, thousands of people displaced, and countless houses destroyed.

As the result of a meteorological depression that covered the whole Tagus Valley, its consequences were felt mainly in the municipalities of Loures and Vila Franca de Xira. At the meteorological station in Avenue Gago Coutinho were recorded 115.6mm of precipitation in a period of only 24 hours.

The requests for help made to the Municipal Fire brigade Corporation in the municipality of Lisboa are illustrated in the map prepared by the Department of Civil Protection, from the records of the time.


The news coverage reproduced here was published in the Século Ilustrado.