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1980 - Sinking of the British vessel Tollan

Four casualties was the final balance of the collision between the Tollan, an English container ship, and the cargo ship Barranduna in November 16th 1980.

The fog and the improper distribution of the cargo on one of the vessels were on the origin of the accident that happened in front of the dock of Jardim do Tabaco.

As the Tollan was wrecked just a few meters away from the margin, with the hull facing upwards and quite visible from the surface, it became the centre of attraction of onlookers, leading to many comments.

Due to various technical difficulties the Tollan remained in the same place of the ship wreck until 1983.


The news reports of the accident and of the first attempts to rescue those missing can now be seen here, through the news published in the daily newspapers Diário de Lisboa and Diário Popular.