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Message from the Councilor João Afonso

The 1st International Conference on Policies and Practices on Gender Based Violence 2014-2017 (“1st PMPCVDG”), embodies the strategy that the Municipality of Lisbon has advocated under the local policies for matters of discrimination, gender inequality, domestic and gender violence. Investing in the promotion of the value of human rights and equality is a priority.


The Municipality of Lisbon, feeling the need to contribute to preventing and fighting domestic and gender violence, has been promoting policies and measures that emphasize and contribute to knowledge and protection of victims and prevention and fight against these phenomena within the Municipality of Lisbon, in particular within the scope of action of the Lisbon Social Network, the Definition of the Model of Integrated Intervention for the field of Domestic Violence; the bet on information, awareness and training of strategic publics; and investment in a study - pioneer in Portugal -, of the prevalence of the phenomena of domestic and gender violence with the Municipality.


These are examples that the Municipality of Lisbon, in partnership with various entities with responsibility and intervention in this field within the Municipality of Lisbon, between Organizations of the Civil Society and Local and Central Government bodies, has initiated a path that will be increasingly sustained, in the prevention and protection of victims, in professional qualification and on knowledge about the phenomena.


Thus, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Municipality of Lisbon promotes the International Conference "Policies and Practices in the Intervention in Gender Violence", which aims to promote knowledge and sharing of policies and practices in the intervention in Domestic and Gender Violence, both in terms of assessment and increased quality of existing responses and in terms of the onset and creation of new responses.


This event aims to become an important landmark of the city of Lisbon, with the contribution of experts from relevant institutions in this field, both national and international.


This International Conference is based on the context of wanting more equality, more cohesion, and to fight for the defence of the values advocated by the Istanbul Convention.


João Afonso


Councilor for Social Rights