Museu de São Roque (São Roque Museum)

Museu de São Roque (São Roque Museum)

The São Roque Museum, one of the oldest and most richly endowed museums in the city, occupies the former Professed House of the Company of Jesus, flanking the Church of São Roque. 

Opened in 1905, it has undergone significant restoration work and improvements over the years, and was reopened to the public in December 2008.

Devoted mainly to extremely opulent Sacred Art, it houses works dating from the 16th to the 20th centuries. The permanent collection comprises over 300 artefacts, principally gold and silver ware, sculptures, paintings and reliquaries. In addition, 140 pieces of the textile collection are displayed in rotation for conservation reasons and because of the collection’s size. 


The permanent exhibition space is divided into five areas:

The Ermida de São Roque Collection evokes the memory of the original Chapel of São Roque, built in 1506 and subsequently demolished to make room for the mother house of the Company of Jesus in Lisbon. The exhibition includes: a set of four painted panels depicting the life and legend of St. Roch, two tablets, some remains of decorative tile panels (azulejos) and the original reliquary of St. Roch sent by the Republic of Venice;

The Company of Jesus Collection, comprising a number of artefacts from the Church and the former Professed House of São Roque representative of the Order’s iconography, including a notable collection of reliquaries;

The Oriental Art Collection, relating to the Jesuits’ missionary work in the Far East, houses artefacts representative of the renewal of Christian art revealed in the blending of oriental decorative styles, techniques and materials with western forms;

The Chapel of St. John the Baptist Collection. Ordered from Rome by King João V, this chapel is an important example of 18th century Italian art;

The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa Collection, devoted to the SCML, features donations, legacies and acquisitions that have enriched the museum’s collections over the years.

There is a Museum Shop selling merchandise inspired by the Museum’s collections.


Opening hours

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun: 10am-6pm; Thu: 2pm-9pm 

Closed: Mon and public holidays



Bus: 758, 790
Tram: 28
Funicular: Glória
Metro: Baixa-Chiado 


  +351 213 235 065


Largo Trindade Coelho
1200 - 470 Lisboa

Region: Misericórdia

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