Temporary occupation of public space, makeshift enclosures and advertising

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What distinguishes a makeshift / itinerant enclosure from a mere occupation of public space?


A makeshift enclosure is always intended for a specific amusement and normally involves the assembly of stages, structures, tents, with and without the sale of food products. The makeshift enclosure requires special instructions since the structures in question may endanger the safety of participants to the event (e.g. Rock in Rio, Music festivals, etc). 


Itinerant enclosures are those with a limited area, covered or not, where removable equipments for amusement are installed and which due to their construction characteristics, can be moved and installed, namely: travelling circuses, bullrings, amusement pavilions and other mechanical amusements.

Installation of the enclosure can be made on public or private spaces.


See here for further information.


Temporary occupation of public space requires a licence for temporary occupation of public spaces for:


a) Distribution of products and pamphlets;

b) Display of vehicles;

c) Street animation;

d) Placing of tents;

e) Etc.



See here for further information.

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What documents are necessary in order to apply for temporary occupation of public space?

See here for further information.

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When the same entity makes several requests for temporary occupation of public space must it submit documents for each request?

Yes, each request must be duly submitted, under the penalty of being rejected.

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What is the minimum period for submission of an application for temporary occupation / enclosure?

Temporary occupation must be received at least 8 working days in advance. In the case of enclosures it is 15 days.

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What do you have to do for street vending in public spaces?

For information contact Divisão de Mercados e Feiras 



Divisão de Mercados e Feiras (DMF)

Rua Luís Pastor de Macedo, s/n 1750 – 158 Lisboa

+351 218 170 800 |     dmau.dmf@cm-lisboa.pt

Opening hours: 9 am to 4 pm | Monday to Friday

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What must be done, when only the message is altered on an advert?

A new licence must be applied for.

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Is the public space at Parque das Nações licensed by CML?