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Lisboa, educating city


Educating City is a project of personal and collective development, integration of citizen’s life, responsibility of the local authorities and of all public and private individual and collective agents.

In constant evolution, this process may have different expressions, but is always guided by permanent training of the local population, in terms of the quality of life of local inhabitants, citizens who become active players in their city.

The local administration, through its proximity with the population, is responsible for knowing, understanding and working with these communities and with their residents, establish broad global policies that are intentionally educational.

Lisboa joined this movement (AICE - International Association of Educating Cities) in May 1990. In November of the same year it signed the principles contained in the Charter of Educating Cities with the intention of, within the city’s intervention policies and with the city, developing transversal and coordinated work that will responsibly pool the various educational agents who interact and integrate. The objective is thereby to ensure that the city of Lisboa becomes an Educating City in light of the principles of the Charter of the Educating Cities signed by the municipality, in a joint work with and involving the city, viewing the city as an Agent, Space and Time for Life Long Learning, that relates and interacts with other municipalities, in a national and international network.


Apart from the set of Activities that it develops in terms of the City, the Territorial Network of Portuguese Educating Cities and the Executive Committee of AICE, Lisboa Municipal Council regularly updates the Educating Experiences Databank of the City of Lisboa - BEEL and the Educating Cities International Documents Databank - BIDCE.