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Growing with energy

The Municipality of Lisbon invites to an international conference:

Challenges for cities - good practices and synergies in urban rehabilitation, energy efficiency and job creation.


15.30   Opening Session           

              António Costa - Mayor of Lisbon

16.00    Conference           

              Manuel Salgado - Councilor of Urban Planning, Municipality of Lisbon
              Bernard Soulage - Rhône-Alpes Region, France
              Ilmar Reepalu - Municipality of Malmö, Sweden
              Neil Swannick - Municipality of Manchester, UK
              Paulo Ferrão - Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon


              Maria Santos - Administrator of Lisboa E-Nova

18.00   Closing Session

              José Sá Fernandes - Councilor of Environment/Energy, Municipality of Lisbon

Interpretation: PT/EN/FR


23 October 2014 - 15h30/18h00


Instituto Superior Técnico

Salão Nobre, Pavilhão Central
Av. Rovisco Pais, nº 1



Cities are the habitat of the knowledge based economy. Cities produce and attract human capital and are today giant interfaces of communication, Cities possess the critical mass for the production and diffusion of knowledge, innovation and integration of human networks, which enable sustainable growth. At the same time as cities are the true heart of innovation and prosperity and around 3/4 of the Europeans live in cities, they represent an energy consumption of nearly 70% of the energy produced in the EU. The ancient and valuable heritage possessed by the European cities is of great value but also represents a high cost, in terms of maintenance and refurbishment. Preserving and rehabilitating the historic centres should be a top priority of public policies, as they have turned into an inseparable part of the non-carbon and resource efficient economy; an economy that stimulates local energy production.

Another challenge is modernizing the transportation systems, contributing to an increase in the sustainability and efficiency of urban mobility, based upon a paradigm shift that hinges on the reduction of CO2 emissions and an improved air quality. The mobility solutions should be inter-connected through the integration of multi-modal systems and promoted by new information and communication technologies, giving priority, as far as possible, to soft modes. The energy consumption of buildings and of the transport sector is always reflected in the CO2 emissions. In fact, cities aiming at high levels of life quality and of economic growth always have to follow an integrated approach to tackle the modern challenges, promoting and expanding innovative techniques and good practices, being in the front line of sustainable urban development.

 Without a doubt, investing in rehabilitation and energy efficiency in cities holds great potential economic, social and environmental gains. It is also a way to tackle the consequences of the economic and social crises that are still very real in large parts of Europe (and beyond). Fighting unemployment, specifically in the construction sector, by making the wheels turn in the fields of engineering, architecture, building renovation, information and communication technologies and renewable energies, linked to universities and the innovative technological sectors, could create very important spin-off effects and contribute to a sustainable urban future.

Summarizing, to address these important issues, the city of Lisbon is organizing and hosting Growing with Energy, an event aimed at sharing experiences and challenges, analyzing innovative sustainable strategies and solutions, and identifying possible synergies and partnerships between the different cities.  I believe that this can be a constructive way to approach the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy of intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth.
António Costa, Mayor of Lisbon





In the context of the extraordinary meeting of the PES group of the Committee of the Regions in Lisbon 24 of October, at 9h in the CCB. bit.ly/lisbon14-register.