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Monsanto Forest Park (PFM) has a vast range of facilities designed for different segments of the public and various types of use. Visitors can find a broad offer, ranging from the Espaço Monsanto (the best way to learn about the PFM) located in the northern slope of the park, to the Alameda do Keil Amaral, the different Activities Centres, Recreation Parks and Picnic areas, Sports Zones and Restaurants.

Alameda Keil do Amaral

A road that has been permanently closed to traffic since 2003  the Alameda Keil do Amaral is located in the South Zone of the Monsanto Forest Park, near the Rotunda de Montes Claros, where an Amphitheatre with the same name was built.

Anfiteatro da Alameda Keil do Amaral
Anfiteatro da Alameda Keil do Amaral

Woodland of S. Domingos de Benfica

A zone with vast areas of diversified woodland, that is used extensively for environmental awareness and education activities.

Caminho na Mata de São Domingos de Benfica
Equipamento de Apoio
Equipamento de manutenção física
Parque Infantil

Lisboa Camping

Lisboa Camping is the only Campsite in Lisboa, and is located in Monsanto Forest Park. It encompasses a vast wooded area (36 hectares) that has recently been subject to refurbishment works in order to maintain its 4-star classification (the highest classification in Portugal for this type of facility).

Entrada do Lisboa Camping
Zona de caravanas

Picnic Park

Picnic Park

Parque de Merendas (Alameda Keil do Amaral)

There are various picnic areas in Monsanto Forest Park, that provide pleasant picnic opportunities for friends and family. These areas are also chosen by various associations and institutions in order to organise picnics. If you to organise a picnic that involves the assembly of equipment or infra-structures e.g. stages, tables and chairs, sound equipment and electricity supply, kiosks, stalls, tents, awnings, generators, refrigerators, etc.., you must request prior authorisation from Lisboa Municipal Council.

Recreation Parks

Monsanto Forest Park has a range of renovated Recreation Parks that offer a broad range of leisure opportunities for the whole family. Come and discover them…

Parque Recreativo do Alto da Serafina
Parque Recreativo do Alvito
Parque Recreativo Moinhos de Santana
Parque Recreativo do Calhau

Activities Centre

Monsanto Forest Park offers a set of facilities designed for active leisure activities for all segments of the general public. Come and discover them!