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Lx Door-to-Door

The "Lx Door-to-Door" service is a flexible and free urban transport system, with a fixed route and mobile / flexible stops, managed by Lisboa Municipal Council, in articulation with parish councils.


It was created in 2004 in order to meet the mobility needs of the oldest neighbourhoods or those with the greatest public transport shortages. It’s a service that aims to articulate short-distance trips by persons living in the respective neighbourhoods with the public transport system, in order to facilitate trips within the neighbourhood and between the neighbourhood and the rest of Lisboa.


Eight different circuits operated from its creation until 2009, establishing a total circuit measuring 45 km. In 2009 the Door-to-Door service transported approximately 160,000 passengers and travelled a total of 600,000 km.


There are currently 7 circuits in operation:


•   Lumiar/Cruz Vermelha 

•    Bela Flor (85 KB)

•    Marvila (91 KB)

•    Campo de Ourique (76 KB)

•   Bairro Alto 

•    Pena (69 KB)

•    Alfama/Castelo (52 KB)