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Urban Infestations

Urban infestations are all those that affect urban centres – disrupting local activities and the environment and which may contribute to transmission of infectious diseases, and thus damage or disturb the urban habitat and human well-being.

The objective underpinning the control of urban infestations is to protect the health and well-being of local populations and heritage.

The municipal services oversee an Integrated Control programme of Urban Infestations, which is a more modern, technically appropriate and ecologically correct and safe alternative in order to control urban infestations.

This task requires everyone’s involvement, in order to keep the environment free from infestations and ensure a healthier population, consisting of the following

•   Control and eliminate the populations of pests that infest the areas covered by the system;

•   Prevent the occasional presence of infestations;

•   Minimize risks to human health and to the environment;

•   Minimize the formation of resistant pest populations;

•   Reduce the need to use biocides (chemicals);

•   Minimize the formation of chemical residues;

•   Proactively address the issue of infestations;

•   Involve the whole population in prevention of infestations, encouraging healthy living habits in the City.

Daily, pre-scheduled initiatives are undertaken in order to control the population of rats and cockroaches, either in the sewer network or on the surface, as well as seasonal control of other pests and harmful species in the streets and public spaces. One-off initiatives may also be undertaken in the public space or in the municipal heritage sites, at the request of the Services or local citizens.


Interventions are also carried out in homes where unsanitary situations arise, at the request of the Health authorities, Parish Councils or other community organisations.