A piece of memory from Expo 98 on exhibition

At CIUL - Lisboa Urban Information Center, every working day from 10am to 8pm, until the end of the year.

18th edition of the Agreed Rent Program, results

The draw for the 18th edition of the Agreed Rent Program took place on July 25, 2018.The list of the winning candidates can be...

New Lisboa Shops opening hours

Until September 15, from 10am until 5pm, and from September 16 the shops will be open from 9am until 7pm. Marvila will also be open on Saturdays,...

[Translate to Inglês:] Largo Camoes - fotografia Luisa Ferreira trabalhada por Oddschool (peça da exposição)

Lisboa, city and future on exhibition in Praça do Comércio

Future of Lisboa, is na exhibition of images, videos, photographs, documents, technological objects and works of art that is set in ten rooms of...

Journey into the investigation of a new plant in exhibition at Estufra Fria

The exhibition can be visited until October 28, from 10am to 7pm, with free admission.

Register your dog at the Parish Council

Did you know that when you decide to bring a pet home, you become responsible for it?Don’t forget to register and license your pet at the Parish...

Lisboa City Council releases Urban Data Laboratory, open to the academy and startups

Because data analysis is key in the management of cities, the Lisboa City Council promotes the Lisboa Urban Data Laboratory and invites the academy...

Bordalo II, Catarina Sobral and Joana Cruz choose the best sardines for 2018

Save the Sardine! is the call this year, the jury will only choose those submitted until March 19.

Free training in gardening and horticulture

How to make a grafting, set up a lawn, planting, pruning or composting? Throughout the year, the Lisboa City Council School of Gardening has at its...

[Translate to Inglês:] Vista geral da quintaZona 1Zona 2Zona 3

Cleaning of Alto da Eira surrounding areas

Due to the abusive dumping of waste with large dimensions, between January 29 and February 9, will be carried out a cleaning operation at the space.

Improved mobility between Quinta das Conchas and Quinta dos Liláses

Rehabilitation work is ongoing at the road that connects Quinta das Conchas to Quinta dos Liláses, through the execution of the refurbishment of...

Give us your idea for Lisboa

The city thanks you, take part in this initiative!

Lisboa apela à adoção de animais

Lisboa calls for pet adoption

"To adopt was the most important role of my life", is the message of the campaign that from April 7 will be on the streets to promote responsible pet...

S.O.S. phone line to support the elderly: 800 204 204

The S.Ó.S. Lisboa is an operation between Lisboa City Hall and social partners to raise awareness in the community to the vulnerability of the...