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Immigrant Entrepreneuship

17, April 2015

On April 15, in the Community House of the Renovar a Mouraria Association, the DELI project – Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration – presented a Focus Group under the theme of Migrant Entrepreneurship in Lisbon.

This project is an initiative of the Council of Europe integrating a partnership of ten European cities, including Lisbon, aimed at supporting inclusive policies for migrant entrepreneurial fabric, promoting the potential of socio-cultural diversity for local development.

In this session, which had around ten participants, migrant entrepreneurship in Lisbon was debated, in order to grasp the problems faced by migrant entrepreneurs in developing their business initiatives.

These actions seek to involve the various public and private agents to develop strategies and programs supporting migrant entrepreneurship, facilitating their access to financial resources, procurement, management tools, legislation (labour, financial, etc.), thus creating a favourable environment for sustainable investments and local integration.

This project, managed by the Lisbon city council, started in January last year, and will last until July of the current year.