Cultura e Lazer, Lumiar

Lisboa honours Nelson Mandela

18, July 2018
At the commemorations of the centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, the historic South African leader was named after a roundabout in the Alta de Lisboa área, Lumiar.
  • [Translate to Inglês:] Lisboa homenageia Nelson Mandela
    [Translate to Inglês:] Lisboa homenageia Nelson Mandela

For Fernando Medina "it is a special day to associate the name of Nelson Mandela with a place in the city. Mandela is the great moral reference of the twentieth and twenty-first century. A true guide with an unique legacy, thanks to his tolerance, compassion and humanity. I think his most effective weapon was that smile that knocked down all barriers, and it is a pleasure for us to celebrate the centenary of his birth, and with that we are projecting our future through his example and what he leaves us".