Carnide, Comercio

Luz Fair 2014 - registration open

09, May 2014

Organised by the Parish of Carnide for the first time after the administrative reform of the city, this year's Luz Fair will be held from August 30th through September 28th, at Largo da Luz.

The 1st stage of the procedure for allocation of seats runs until May 2nd and is intended solely for the merchants which participated in the 2013 Fair edition organized by the Municipality of Lisbon at MAC - Market of Arts of Carnide and for merchants with open business establishment in the area of the parish of Carnide.

From 26th through May 30th will open a 2nd stage of the procedure for the remaining parties.
Refer to the associated documentation:

Also available at the secretariat of the Parish Council, open from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 19:30, at Largo das Pimenteiras, 6.