Statement on the implementation of the City Tax

23, December 2015

1) The Lisboa City Tax was approved in 2014 and since then has not changed and is in effect for all operators.

2) According to the rules applied in 2015 to the arrivals of passengers resulting in an amount of around 3.8M€.

3) Under those rules, on January 1, 2016, will begin the application to overnight stays in all units, hotels or local accommodation.

4) At the same time, it will start on January 1 the Tourism Development Fund of Lisboa, made from the entire revenue of the City Tax, having the development of the sector in the city has its sole purpose.

5) The founding members of the Investment Committee are the Lisboa City Council, ATL and AHP, the decision on the investments to be financed are determined by this Committee.

6) The tax for arrivals will be the same for 2016.

7) All information and documentation on the Lisboa City Tax can be found at