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Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista is a centre for artistic creation run by the Lisbon Municipality and open to the Lisbon arts community. The centre includes a main building (located in a former primary school, Escola das Gaivotas), Residências da Boavista, Loja Lisboa Cultura, and Lusco-Fusco.

The main building houses four rehearsal spaces (dance, music, and theatre studios and one multipurpose room), a conference room, and five office spaces for arts organisations.

Residências da Boavista is a residency centre with four apartments providing temporary accommodation to arts professionals working on creative projects in the city.

Loja Lisboa Cultura is a specialised service providing training and information to arts professionals and organisations on issues related to professional activities in the arts. Loja Lisboa Cultura is integrated on  On the Move network as a  Mobility Info Point.

Lastly, the centre presents a diverse arts programme, Lusco-Fusco, which takes place in the patio of the main building over the summer months.



Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista (main building)
Rua das Gaivotas, n.º 8 | 1200-202 Lisboa
Tel. (+351) 218 172 600

Opening Hours (Reception): mon to sun | 8am to 8pm

See all contacts and opening hours


Loja Lisboa Cultura
Rua da Boavista, n.º 184 | 1200-071 Lisboa
Tel. (+351) 218 173 600

In person:
Mon, wed and fri | 2pm to 7pm (except public holidays)
Weekdays from 2pm to 7pm (except public holidays)

See all contacts and opening hours

Loja Lisboa Cultura is a Mobility Information Point

Mobility Information Points (MIP), including Loja Lisboa Cultura of Polo Cultural Gaivotas l Boavista, are information centres and/or websites in several European countries, and one in the USA, who aim to tackle administrative challenges that artists and cultural professionals can face when working across borders. Relevant issues can be around visas, social security, taxation, etc.

MIP are usually key players at national and European levels who advocate – together with other networks and organisations – for better conditions for artists and cultural professionals working internationally.

MIP are member organisations of On the Move, the cultural mobility information network active in Europe and internationally.
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 + info and contacts


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