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Marrare-style steak

António Marrare, Neapolitan citizen, settled in Lisboa at the end of the eighteenth century, where he was owner of several cafes. The first café was located near  S. Carlos Theatre, the others open doors in Cais do Sodre area, in Chiado area and at Rua dos Sapateiros. These Cafés were the fashionable meeting places for Lisboa’s high society.
The famous steak was born  at the Café located at Rua dos Sapateiros, also called "Marrare of the Seven Doors", founded in 1804.
A variation of the steak Marrare style is the steak Café style, which sauce is made with milk not cream, and takes a bit of mustard and lemon. This recipe does not take any coffee, its name is due to the location where it was traditionally served.

1 sirloin steak (150/200 g)
2 table sp. butter
coarse salt
black peppercorns
2 table sp. cream

. In a fry pan, melt the butter, rub the beef steak on both sides, this operation must be fast enough so that the meat juices do not leave.
. Season with coarse salt and freshly-ground pepper
. Drain the fat, keeping the steak in the pan, and join the remaining butter.
. Reduce heat and add the cream until sauce thickens, stirring the pan.
. Plate-out the beef, pour the cream sauce over the top and serve with French fries.