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Broas Castelar (Castelar sweet potato flat cakes)

Broa Castelar is a traditional Christmas festivities delicacy in Portugal.
Reportedly this specialty was a creation of Castelar brothers, owners of the Confeitaria Francesa, established in 1860, that once stood on Rua do Ouro, in downtown Lisboa.


400 g sweet potato
750 g sugar
125 g grated almonds
1 orange (zest glaze)
50 gr grated coconut
150 gr maize flour
75 gr plain flour unleavened
3 eggs

. Bake the sweet potatoes, remove the skin and purée. Add the sugar to the puree and bring to boil, stiring constantly to prevent burning.
.When it starts boiling add the almonds, coconut, orange zest glaze and eggs, mixing all ingredients well without removing from heat.
. Add the flours, previously combined, and mix all ingredientes well.
. Remove from heat, place on a surface, previously sprinkled with flour and let the dough cool.
. Shape the dough into oval, flat cakes (30 g) and place them in a board, greased and dusted with a little flour  flat cakes, brush with the egg yolkpaper
. Brush with the egg yolk. Bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes